How to clean the intestines with activated charcoal

How to clean the intestines with activated charcoal

Cleansing the bowels with activated charcoal is a proven and effective detox method. The modern world does not suffer from a deficiency in factors that pollute the body with slag and toxins, causing a bunch of illnesses (including deadly ones) and accelerating the aging process.

Naturally, such a problem cannot be ignored and mankind has begun to invent various ways of cleaning. Some of them are extremely aggressive and one-sided. Yes, they help, but they also take something back, and almost always it is not equal. But there are other effective methods based on products and methods that are loyal to the body. Activated charcoal is one of them.

Activated charcoal is used not only in medicine. It is widely used in a variety of industries, using a cheap and effective filter of natural origin. But the worldwide fame of coal acquired during the First World War, the conflicting parties began to use chemical weapons and gas attacks, terrible for their destructive actions.

There was a need to ensure the protection of soldiers, since the loss of manpower was simply enormous. So a gas mask with a filter element made of activated charcoal was born, which saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Simplicity in production and cheapness with respect to other methods of detoxification made this substance part of the worldwide medical culture. In pharmacology, the compressed preparation began to appear both in pure form and with different impurities. Read also:

Purification of the intestine with activated charcoal

From the correct operation of the intestine depends a lot: general health, the functioning of internal organs, working capacity, psychological mood, in the end.

activated charcoal

Every day the intestine does a tremendous job, in which complex chemical processes are involved. Over time, it becomes contaminated with slag and toxins. Choosing between ordinary and white coal, give preference to the second Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, the influence of external factors that do not depend on us has not been canceled.

First of all, its deceptive work is done by a deplorable ecological situation: we breathe polluted air, the toxic elements of which settle not only in the lungs, but also in the intestines.

Folk and traditional medicine offer a variety of ways to combat slagging, among which one can distinguish:

  • Medicated
  • The use of natural foods
  • Carrying out procedures using medical devices

Purification of the intestine with activated charcoal applies equally to the medicaments method, and to natural products. Such universality is effective, convenient and economical. For high-quality cleaning, you do not need to prepare special solutions and tinctures, coal is cheap and easy to handle.

The most common and available method is the use of pressed or powdered activated charcoal and compliance with a sparing diet.

The amount of necessary substance is calculated based on the patient’s weight. 10 kg of weight requires 1 tablet. That is, if you weigh 62 kg, you will need 6 tablets, if 67 kg – 7 tablets. Very simple and accessible formula.

In general, the diet for brushing the intestine with coal is more like a safety net, rather than an obligatory component of treatment. The fact is that it does not react with food, but heavy food can reduce the effectiveness of adsorbing properties.

It is useless to use this drug concomitantly with other medications, although many do. There will not be an additional effect from combining – coal will simply remove the active ingredients of other tablets from the body, along with toxins and toxins. Also, the drug is effective in food, chemical poisoning and drug overdoses.

Its effect is quite universal and can be of considerable help even in cases of severe intoxication. With them, activated charcoal cannot cope, although modern pharmaceuticals improve the preparation, creating coal-based mixtures that successfully cope with heavy metals, but they are expensive.

Cleaning the bowels with activated charcoal receives thousands of enthusiastic reviews, and its effectiveness is confirmed by clinical trials – so why not try it for you?

Purification of the intestine with coal is available to everyone.

This is an easy way to start taking care of your health if you are not used to long, ruthless diets or strict, regular intake of medicines on a chemical basis.

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