Face mask with activated charcoal will give the skin an impeccable cleanliness and freshness

Face mask with activated charcoal will give the skin an impeccable cleanliness and freshness

The magnificence of clean, smooth and radiant skin has always been one of the main beauty trends in the world of beauty. Every girl or woman feels confident in any situation, if she knows what she looks like one hundred percent. Fresh, impeccable, naturally-beautiful skin is not only good in itself, but also is an ideal basis for creating a new make-up image. Therefore, it’s time to show yourself to the world in all its glory and make your skin excellent, which can be achieved at home without much expense and labor. And it helps you in this face mask with activated charcoal.

Cleaning the face can be done in many ways, but at home it’s easiest to do peeling and cleansing masks. Both can be done with activated charcoal, and it provides qualitative cleansing, drying out the oily skin, releasing cells from toxins and removing black dots. As a result, the skin rejuvenates, becomes clean, smooth and pleasant in appearance.

Masks for face with activated charcoal

Masks with activated charcoal are available to everyone, because it can be purchased at any pharmacy. When you are going to make such a mask, try not to use the expired product, because, firstly, it loses its adsorptive properties, and secondly, it becomes more difficult to powder, and for masks it is precisely crushed activated charcoal. Read also: https://www.simplylauraleigh.com/activated-charcoal-face-mask/

Before cleaning the mask of activated charcoal, it is recommended to steam out the skin, holding your face over a bowl of hot water or, even better, with a decoction of chamomile. Pressing pimples and black dots is strictly prohibited. You can clean them with activated charcoal.

activated charcoalMasks with activated charcoal, there are many, and you can choose the components yourself depending on the type of skin and your preferences, but the most popular was a cleansing mask with activated charcoal and gelatin. Such mask is prepared very simply, and in its effectiveness is not inferior to salon cosmetic procedures.

Important: For cleaning masks, you can use both black and white activated charcoal. The latter product is a new generation sorbent, created on the basis of highly dispersed silicon dioxide.

Gelatin mask with activated charcoal from black dots

Pour a tablespoon of gelatin with two tablespoons of water or milk and let the gelatin swell. After this, put the mixture for fifteen to twenty seconds into a microwave oven or water bath so that the gelatin is completely dissolved. Then rinse two or three tablets of activated charcoal into the powder and add them to the prepared gelatin, carefully stirring them.

Brush the mask on the problem areas of the skin, and do it in layers until the mixture is finished. Try not to get the mixture on the eyebrows or roots of the hair. Wait until the gelatin on the skin is completely dry, and remove the mask, picking up the edges and gently pulling it away from the skin. The mask will pull black dots from the pores and the skin will be cleaned. In a couple of weeks, the procedure can be repeated to achieve an excellent result.

The pores after this mask remain open. To avoid getting the infection in them, wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide or tonic containing salicylic acid, tea tree oil, aloe extract, etc. Ideally, it is recommended to make a mask that narrows the pores, for example from whipped protein with lemon juice.

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