Gelatin mask for the face with activated charcoal

Gelatin mask for the face with activated charcoal

The name “gelatin mask” for many sounds unusual. After all, traditionally this product is used to make jellies, jelly etc. It turned out that in cosmetology for gelatin there was a separate large niche. It has become an indispensable ingredient for activated charcoal masks. A significant difference of this product is its low cost and versatility, because it suits the owners of any type of skin.

Particularly relevant are masks with gelatin for people with mature, fading skin. Since after the procedures wrinkles are removed, elasticity and elasticity increases, and flabbiness disappears.

Gelatin for skin is useful

In food gelatin there is an animal protein that helps maintain the tone and healthy color of the dermis. In addition, the face is completely leveled wrinkles, it is cleaned and bleached. All this is possible, because gelatin is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats and many other useful components.

Each of the ingredients in its own way affects the skin (they cleanse, tighten, etc.). In the complex, they all renew his life.

The benefit of the procedure will be only if gelatin is prepared correctly. To boil it, you cannot use boiling water, otherwise all useful properties will be lost. Also, the main component can be in the form of a powder or plates.

For one part of the gelatin, six parts of water are taken. It should swell for half an hour, and then the mass is heated on a small fire. Warm up until a liquid of uniform consistency is obtained. It is cooled, and further components are added.

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Any cosmetic mixture should be applied only to a clean and steamed face, and washed off with boiled water at room temperature. By means of such procedures it is possible to clean wrinkles, the second chin and black dots, improve the complexion and tidy up fatty skin.

It is important to know that such problems as acne, “crow’s feet”, and such masks do not eliminate. Also, they are not recommended for owners of dry skin, and those who have inflammatory problems. Another contraindication to the use of this product are small wounds.

Gelatin mask with activated charcoal

Such a mask for efficiency is no worse than expensive procedures in the salons. Its cost is small, and it takes quite a bit of time.

Before the procedure, the person is steamed out above the steam bath.

Water or milk is taken in the same amount as gelatin (10 grams). To them add one tablet of activated charcoal, powdered into powder. The thoroughly mixed formulation is heated on a water bath or in a microwave (ten seconds). When gelatin dissolves, the mixture is cooled, and put on the face with a spatula.

Particular attention is paid to places with black dots. The mask should be applied in several layers. Each subsequent layer is applied only after the previous one has dried completely. The complete drying of the composition will take approximately twenty-five minutes.

Remove the frozen film with movements in the direction from below – upwards. Perform the procedure once every 7 days.

In the end, gelatin masks have helped many women suffering from age-related changes. Numerous positive reviews indicate that in a short period of time the person has visibly rejuvenated and acquired a radiant, healthy color. Any mask based on gelatin creates real miracles, if you follow the procedures in strict accordance with the recommendations given.

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