Just 2 tablets of activated charcoal, and the magic begins!

Just 2 tablets of activated charcoal, and the magic begins!

Last year can easily be called the year of black masks with activated charcoal. They were absolutely in all social networks, they were sold at every step, it was impossible to hide from advertising. And advertising, in truth, impressive!

Put the mask on, waited a little, then – took off in one motion, cleaning all the pores from the dirt. Agree, you also wanted to try? Time – and not a single black point, no extended pores! In the race for perfectly clean skin, all means are good …

We compare the effect of the purchased black mask with the result of using a home mask with activated charcoal. The results were absolutely unexpected! That’s how it was.

How to make a black mask

Our Skin is naturally very sensitive and prone to dryness. But, according to the manufacturer of the black mask, the contaminated pores are in each of us.

Well, that means you need to clean and I chose the most budgetary product of all that the market offers.

The first thing that was pleasantly surprised, the mask is really black. And it is applied without problems, even layer. The only thing to note is that it’s worth it to pre-steam the skin so that the pores open and the effect is more impressive.

Next 10-15 minutes you can do your own thing. But the choice will be small, since the mask tightens, while it is difficult to talk, eat and do other face manipulation. But to read or look through the Facebook tape is the thing. Read also: http://organic.ng/skin-care-diy-activated-charcoal-face-masks/

The result did not justify anguish: the skin became even drier, and the sensitivity showed itself a little reddening. Pores, by the way, I also did not see the film. It was necessary to urgently use a moisturizing cream and forget about everything as a terrible dream.

activated charcoalHome Black Mask

Today I was lucky enough to experience the miraculous effect of the activated charcoal mask for the black spots. But I, armed with folk recipes, decided not to buy a mask, but to do it myself. The recipe I read on the net was very simple, and the effect was promised to be placating. All components, according to the author, have the best effect on the delicate skin of the face. Well, I bought activated charcoal, gelatin, milk, and started cooking a miracle potion from blacheads.

  • 2 tablets of activated charcoal
  • 2 tsp. gelatin
  • 2 tsp. milk

Just say that the mask is prepared very simply: you just mix 2 tablets of crushed activated charcoal, 2 tsp. gelatin and 2 tsp. milk, 15 seconds in a microwave oven – and the cherished mask from black dots with gelatin is ready. The mixture quickly freezes, so you need to apply it as soon as possible.

And do not forget to steam out your face, because then the effect will be like in advertising. At least so says the author of the home prescription.

The mask for blackheads with activated charcoal is not applied so simply as it seems at first glance. It is very thick and viscous. Well, who from where the arms grow. The mask I hardly put, so it can be 15 minutes to hang around. The film quite tightens the skin and fetters the movements of the facial muscles. It’s not very pleasant, but what can you do.

The mask was shot in surprisingly simple. But there is one secret! It all depends on the thickness of the layer that you apply: the thinner the layer, the more aggressive the mask will be removed. I decided not to hurt my skin for the first time, and did not spare the ingredients.

I must say that the result surprised me pleasantly: the skin became clean, soft, and velvety to the touch. But the long-awaited effect of cleansing pores from contamination has not justified itself in full. I’m not lying, saying that I saw some part of remote pores on the reverse side of the mask, and this cannot but rejoice! Nevertheless, I did not feel the effect as in advertising. I hope the next time it will work out better.

The experience is really impressive! It turns out that a penny activated charcoal is capable of such …

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